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BARTI    |

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute

(An Autonomous Institute of the Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance, Government of Maharashtra)


Skill Development

About the Department

In January 2013, BARTI established a dedicated Skill Development Cell (SDC) for formulating a comprehensive Skill Development Policy for BARTI and for effective implementing Skill Development programs across the state. In the same month, the Skill Development Policy of BARTI was framed keeping in view the key tenets of National Skill Development Policy, 2009.


BARTI has been entrusted with the responsibility of organizing Skill Development Programs catering to the SC unemployed youth with an aim to bring them at par with general candidates, make them more competent, confident and help them to seek employment in industries/sectors where such skills are essential and also to conduct Action Research programmes for Skill Development in Maharashtra


BARTI has appointed reputed Training Service Providers (TSPs) to impart skill development trainings at no cost to the candidate, wherein the complete cost towards imparting the training is borne by BARTI. The skill initiative of BARTI is being handled by Skill Development Cell (SDC) ably guided and supported by Project Management Unit (PMU)



Skill is an ability and capacity acquired through deliberate, systematic and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities or job functions involving ideas (cognitive skills), things (technical skills), and/or people (interpersonal skills).


Our country faces a huge challenge in terms of skilling the youth in the working age bracket of 18 - 45 and making them employable. The nation has educated youth who are jobless and we also have industries who are in dire need of human resource personnel. Even though we have plenty of manpower, the problem arises due to lack of skilled resources specific to the jobs which are in demand.

The industry is still facing a severe lack of skilled human resources, the issue of slow industrial and economic growth is unresolved, and unemployment continues to pose a severe challenge ahead for the nation in its quest to become an investment destination.


Year Project Name Total Enrolled Total In Training Total Female Candidates Trained Total Trained  % of placement 
2012-13 Group 1 763 0 289 763 5.37
2013-14 Group 1 2819 0 705 2410 55.67
2014-15 Group 1 2710 0 824 2469 37.52
2015-16 Group 1 5897 0 1854 5335 56.6
2016-17 Group 1 1213 0 339 1167 53.15
2017-18 Group-1 900 0 384 820 54.15
2017-18 Group 2 1534 0 627 1533 97.01
2017-18 Cluster 235 0 3 221 93.06
2018-19 Police Bharti 400 0 113 400 NA
2018-19 Group 2 315 0 162 315 10.15
2018-19 Govt. Institutes 358 0 63 357 100
2018-19 Entreprenurship Development 301 0 106 301 48.17
2018-19 Cluster 24 0 0 24 91.66
2019-20 Group 2 1170 580 274 590 75.08
2019-20 Entreprenurship Development 2370 780 361 1590 66.47
2019-20 CSR 181 0 85 178 92.3
Total   21190 1360 6189 18473  
**Placement process is ongoing on accordingly the percentage will be changed..


  • For year 2019-20 new training programs will be started as per the demands from students. The data wil be updated accordingly.

Following are the different programs under the department:

Cluster based Skill Development Trainings

BARTI envisages partnering with industrial clusters and provide training and up skilling to cluster employees.

For more details, feel free to contact us on pmu.barti@gmail.com

Group II through Train & Employ Model

BARTI envisages partnering with reputed Corporates/ Industries/ Employers with captive manpower requirement to facilitate skill development trainings of socially disadvantaged youth in the state and assist them in placements. It’s a joint initiative wherein BARTI would like to engage with Corporates/ Industries/ Employers to understand the demand of skilled workforce in relevant sector. BARTI will act as a platform for providing specific skilled manpower custom to the industry’s requirement.


This program will be very beneficial for Corporates/ Industries/ Employers who are looking to address their captive manpower requirement through sponsorship of training programs by BARTI. This unique initiative may also assist Corporates/ Industries/ Employers in recovering their training costs since BARTI sponsored trainee will be a part of training.



Partnership with BARTI

  • BARTI envisages partnering with reputed -Corporates/Industries/Employers to facilitate skill development trainings of socially disadvantaged youth in the state and assist them in placements.
  • A joint initiative on Public Private Partnership (PPP) model wherein BARTI would like to engage with Corporates/Industries/Employers to understand the demand of skilled workforce in relevant sector
  • BARTI will act as a platform for providing specific skilled manpower custom to the industry’s requirement.
  • BARTI has the flexibility to offer bespoke custom training program for the benefit of Corporates/Industries/Employers and it will benefit the youth who are in search of jobs.

Salient Features

  • Reduction in induction and training costs for the employer
  • Specific Requirement of employers can be addressed by leveraging the capability of empanelled BARTI Training Service Providers
  • Mobilization of trainees can be conducted by BARTI
  • Can utilize CSR funds towards the noble cause of affirmative action towards weaker sections of the society through skill development

Way Ahead

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Group I through Empaneled TSPs

15 Training Service Providers (TSPs) have been empaneled after the following process:


Work Orders have been allotted and trainings have commenced and the sector breakup is given below:



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